Will Jason McCourty Join the Patriots?

Hey everyone, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. Many of you probably saw the news the other say of the National Football League team the Tennessee Titans releasing their longest tenured player in Jason McCourty. McCourty was due to earn a $7 million base salary, and although both sides lobbied for a return in the Periwinkle Blue, the Titans ended up releasing the cornerback. This of course just opens up lots of windows for McCourty, who might be eyeing a trip to New England for the chance to play with his twin Devin in the Patriots secondary. With the amount of time that teams are in the nickel or dime package in today’s NFL, no team can ever have enough corners.

Jason McCourty Titans

Could This Happen?

McCourty would be looking to join star cornerbacks Stephon Gilmore and Malcolm Butler; although it is highly unlikely that New England would pay both Butler and McCourty. They could however have a secondary consisting of Gilmore and McCourty on either side, with Patrick Chung and Devin McCourty in the back. This could look enticing to Jason for more reasons that just having his brother with him. While Jason McCourty is 29 and played in the NFL for eight years; he has never made it to the playoffs. New England is the closest thing to a sure shot to make the playoffs in the NFL at the moment. This might be why so many star players seem to want to go there. Where do you think Jason McCourty will end up? I hope he goes somewhere no the Patriots, because the Patriots don’t need anymore help in the secondary. Let me know you thoughts below, and have a great day everyone.