Hello and welcome everyone to my humble sports and fitness blog. I am your host/writer Ren! I started my first sports blog 5 years ago and primarily talked about things happening in the martial arts world but after I received my black belt in jujitsu I decided to venture out more into the world of sports. I like to challenge myself, so I try to constantly set new goals that I have to conquer. Last year I did a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro and this year I am training for a double Ironman. Needless to say, I am also very big into health and fitness. I have made my own diet plans since I was a teenager and judging my by success in all the endeavors I have attempted it seems to be working

Come back here around the same time next week and I will hopefully have a fresh post for you, possibly some news or maybe a protein shake recipe. Like I said already, I have experience doing these blogs so I think I will be able to entertain you all. Thanks again for giving us a look, and I hope to see you back soon.